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Rock Star

Last month I was the featured speaker at the Los Angeles Cactus and Succulent Society, and I have to confess that I had an extreme bout of performance anxiety. Most of the time I am introducing people to the wonderful world of succulents, but these are people who already live there. My kind friend Mark listened to the special edition of my succulent talk and I went in (armed with my talk saved in several different formats and stored on a USB drive, an iPad, and my laptop) feeling pretty confident. Well, it was one of the friendliest rooms ever, and the hundred or so people there made me feel like a rock star! Also, I made several connections for future talks at different plant societies and clubs. This is the generous write-up they gave me in the LACSS newsletter. The editor asked me to write a bit about the triumphant Haworthia acquisition I mentioned in an email to her, not realizing that I was also the speaker in June. Adrian Hardy Haworth would be proud...

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